1000 Face Shields Delivered

  • May 7, 2020

We are greatly honoured to be able to donate 1000 face shields to our modern frontline heroes at the ISSSTEP Puebla Hospital. Our elite team in Mexico has been working round the clock to provide as many medical supplies needed by the local communities.

As simply put by our friends at Issstep Puebla-Oficial, "together we achieved more" and we can't agree more. Great job, team! Thousands more to go!!!

Concours Technologies Mexicana team led by Bernardo Rios (Operations Manager), Octavio Luna (Sales Manager), and Julian Sanchez
successfully delivered the face shields to Dr. Hugo Caberera Gonzalez (Director) and his team at ISSSTEP Puebla Hospital.
2020-Concours-ISSTEP-2.jpg 2020-Concours-ISSTEP-3.jpg

Contact us now at corpsales@concourstechnologies.com.

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