Multitasking Machining Centers Double Throughput, Cut Costs

  • March 14, 2019

Concours Mold Inc. (Lakeshore, Ontario, Canada) makes it a priority to keep its machinery and equipment up to date to ensure competitiveness. From its enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and advanced scheduling system, to its radio frequency identification (RFID) tool management system, to rigorous quality-check procedures, not to mention five-axis machining centers, the company does whatever it can to continually improve its processes. In fact, the company recently invested millions of dollars in new equipment, but one machine, the Unisig USC-M, has so improved Concours’ machining processes that, according to Ed Ergun, corporate sales director, it has been a game changer.

One machine, the multitasking Unisig USC-M, has so improved Concours’ machining processes that the company produced this video to show customers how its many features and functions helped to significantly reduce downtime by performing deep-hole drilling and complex milling operations faster and with increased precision. In addition, the five-axis Unisigs enabled Concours to eliminate three boring mills and two gundrills, reducing setups by more than 50 percent.

by: Cynthia Kustush | Senior Editor, MoldMaking Technology

Read the full article here: MMT March 2019 | Case Study

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